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Primary Contiki Platforms




Other Contiki platforms

This table shows the hardware platforms currently in the Contiki code tree. Some of them are actively supported, others are not. Please check the current code tree for the complete list of platforms.

MCU/SoC Radio Platforms Cooja simulation support
TI CC2538 Integrated / CC1200 RE-Mote -
nRF52832 Integrated nRF52 DK -
RL78 ADF7023 EVAL-ADF7023DB1 -
TI CC2538 Integrated cc2538dk -
TI MSP430x TI CC2420 exp5438, z1 Yes
TI MSP430x TI CC2520 wismote Yes
Atmel AVR Atmel RF230 avr-raven, avr-rcb, avr-zigbit, iris -
Atmel AVR TI CC2420 micaz Yes
Freescale MC1322x Integrated redbee-dev, redbee-econotag -
TI MSP430 TI CC2420 sky Yes
TI MSP430 TI CC1020 msb430 -
TI MSP430 RFM TR1001 esb Yes
Atmel Atmega128 RFA1 Integrated avr-atmega128rfa -
Microchip pic32mx795f512l Microchip mrf24j40 seed-eye -
TI CC2530 Integrated cc2530dk -
6502 - apple2enh, atari, c128, c64 -
Native - native, minimal-net, cooja Yes